Sunday, September 30, 2012

How do you define a Friendship?

Do you want to have a lot of friends? Almost everyone do have and I'm sure you are belong to that. But it is a good thing if you are a true friend to your friends. This is how you attract many people to come to you and it gives a reason to the people surrounds you to want to build relationships with you.

All of us have a friends. We all need a friends. A friends that we can share some secrets or even problems that bothering to us. It feels alone whenever you don't have someone that you can lean on. Everything get easy or light whenever you have a friends cause your helping each other.

While searching for a blog that relates with my topic, I found this certain blog that talks about friendship, entitled What is Friendship? by Jack Clarke. We are all familiar what does friendship all about and we do have our own definition for it. Friendship is something that the two or more can rely or count on to each other specially in times you are in need. 

As to what I've read a summary of it would be, friendship is not just for benefit. Friendship is like being a family to someone whom you don't have that blood relation though. Its about spending time to that person ,sharing things, story, and experiences to each other. In a friendship gender, age, etc. will mean nothing cause a true friendship don't see those thing. It takes time to earn the trust of a person and that is friendship all about. Trusting each other.

With my 18 years of living in this world, I could say that I made friends. I've called and considered my close friends as my best friend. You know what, we call a person as our best friend cause we share same thoughts and we like same things. Your best friend cause you are same with so many things. I've swear to so many friends that "You are my one and only best friend forever"  but you meet new friends who are just like your other friends. Do you get me here? What I am trying to say is that, sometimes distance divides it. The communication really matters too. It's not just about trust that strengthen your friendship but how you put an effort to keep in touch to that person.

"Cherishing together the joys and traumas of change and growth. Nourishing one another's dreams, hopes, and decisions along the path. Encouraging your friend to stretch as far as possible. Receiving feedback without questioning motive. Easing pain instead of fueling the fire of hurt. Loving another person in spite of differences and imperfections." This is just some of the lines from the blog of  Jack Clarke

After all, its not just about in good times. Friendship is like entering in to a contract. a marriage that for better for worse you'll be there for each other. Things might not be always on your side. Days might not be always good but the point is as long as you are there for each other you'll get through of those thing.

You are friends cause you put an effort to be friends. You spent many years and days together to earn the respect for each other. Your love and care for each other is priceless. You are more than a brother or a sister to him/her that you can't even afford to let him/her down. You always think for what is good for your friend and you never stab your friend at the back.

This is just the beginning...

My name is Janette Manese. 18 year old ordinary student of Asia Pacific College taking up accountancy. I live in Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo. My parents are both soldier. And I only have this one hobby slash obsession and that is...Shopping with my mom:)

So my blog or shall I say future blogs will be all about Friendship focusing on Peer Pressure. We all have our circle of friends and so am I. Living with their presence is one thing that I can really consider a blessing.

I chose the topic because I think I could relate on this. I'd like to know more about Peer Pressure, I mean stories and experiences, tragedies, problems, and so on in a peer pressure could possibly encounter. I've got so many friends, but after all these years I realized one thing about Peer Pressure and that is WE should aware and conscious with the consequences of choosing people to be with. It is because our friends can be the one to guide us in the right path and also can lead us to wrong path.

At the end of the term, as we are to pass our research paper or do our defense I believe that these blog that I'll make or I'll be posting will be a great help. I'll be searching or posting good and bad effects of peer pressure on teenagers and what are the normal thing that individual faces because of peer pressure.