Sunday, September 30, 2012

This is just the beginning...

My name is Janette Manese. 18 year old ordinary student of Asia Pacific College taking up accountancy. I live in Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo. My parents are both soldier. And I only have this one hobby slash obsession and that is...Shopping with my mom:)

So my blog or shall I say future blogs will be all about Friendship focusing on Peer Pressure. We all have our circle of friends and so am I. Living with their presence is one thing that I can really consider a blessing.

I chose the topic because I think I could relate on this. I'd like to know more about Peer Pressure, I mean stories and experiences, tragedies, problems, and so on in a peer pressure could possibly encounter. I've got so many friends, but after all these years I realized one thing about Peer Pressure and that is WE should aware and conscious with the consequences of choosing people to be with. It is because our friends can be the one to guide us in the right path and also can lead us to wrong path.

At the end of the term, as we are to pass our research paper or do our defense I believe that these blog that I'll make or I'll be posting will be a great help. I'll be searching or posting good and bad effects of peer pressure on teenagers and what are the normal thing that individual faces because of peer pressure.

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