Sunday, November 11, 2012


As the research continuously trying to discover more information of the study, I was already discussed the some information and facts about peer pressure. 
It is proven that peer pressure is commonly concerned the younger people and peer pressure influences decision making of an individual that peers manipulate the minds of an individual. The study already discussed the possible experiences of the teenagers most especially when it comes to dealing with themselves and the pressure their peers can give them. Teenagers can be consistently influenced by their peers and the possible solutions that they can apply whenever they already stuck within the negative situation. This research also discussed the people that were involved in the study namely the teenagers and the parents. Teenagers are being discussed because they are the one who are being involved with the issue of peer pressure. And the parents because for them to be able to guide the teenagers to the right path. 

There are also things that I want to know from perspective of others by the use of survey/interview.This survey/interview aims to discover the effects of peer pressure within the teenagers of the modern society. It will help to briefly verify the information that I have been discovered and will discuss the information that the people need to know about the issue of peer pressure.The information that will be gathered in this survey/interview will be a big benefit because it was conducted in a very specific questioning. This research can be a help with the people who still need knowledge about the positive and negative effect side of peer pressure.

There are  still things which I do not know yet and still need to discover from views and experiences from teenagers. Some of the questions that I have formulated are such as what are your consideration when choosing friends you want to be with, why did you choose them as your friends, how many hours do you usually hang-out with your peers, in what way do you usually hang-out with your friends, in what ways do your friends affect/influence your life and way of thinking and doing things, are you being dependent to your friends when it comes with your decisions in what certain decision, how can you prove that having friends can be a bad influence or big benefit to your life.  I prefer to get feed backs and responses with the use of  survey/interview to a two different persons, a teenage girl and teenage boy from my friends or Facebook friends.

The respondents can be a big help in gathering consistent information in this research. The respondents can give the research a foundation to continuously share facts about the study. The people concerning the study will finally end the questions and will finally justify the information that already gathered. In my prediction teens are constantly influenced by those around them which is the peers because teens spend large amount with them. Teens depend some of their decisions on their peers but it does not mean that their peers manage or take control of their life, it still up to them.

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