Tuesday, November 27, 2012


November 21, 2012

Dear Respondents,

Good day! I am a student from the School of Accountancy and Business (SoAB) at Asia Pacific College.  I am currently conducting a research study entitled “The Good and Bad Effects of Peer Pressure on Teenagers”.  This study aims to provide the factors to be considered by the teenagers in dealing with peer pressure.

Your participation will involve answering the provided questions in the survey/interview, telling more about the views and experiences in terms for peer pressure. You can answer it right away, or if you choose, you can take it home and mail it back to me.

Your participation will only involve answering a set of questions which I prepared.  It would only take a few minutes from your time.  You are voluntarily involved in the study, which allows you to stop at any time or not to participate at all.  I would not be including your name on the published results of the said study.  The results of this survey will be presented publicly in Asia Pacific College. The said participation would not cost you anything except for your time in answering my questions.

For any questions or inquiries, you may freely send me a message or call me at (0917) 440-1502 or send an e-mail to

By returning of an answered questionnaire in the envelope provided, you will be agreeing to participate in the above described project.

Thank you for your consideration!


Janette J. Manese
SoAB student, Asia Pacific College

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