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Earlier the good effects of having peers have already been discussed, and as this study continues, we can discover more about the peers issue just like it is good and bad effects. The bad effects of having peers are that they can influence so much of what you never wanted to be. They can be the one to push us to our limits. But come to think, you should never allow them to influence you that way. You should able to have the urge of wanting better things with your life and take considerations of what only you can do. You should never let yourself to just go with the flow. It might not be easy to fit in, but it is you who will take yourself to the good side and not with the bad side. The bad effects of having peers can be something that can destroy your personality. So now, you are in the position to think of what you want in your life.

Negative peer pressure is the influence others have on their peers that encourages them to engage in harmful behaviors The three main effects of negative peer pressure is that it is bad for a child’s self-esteem, it will negatively influence clear decision-making, and will increase stress in the child or teen. These bad effects are demonstrated in a number of different ways.

Here are Bad Effects that Peer Pressure can influence: 

Involved in vices

According to the Statistics on Peer Pressure that teens with friends who do drugs and drink alcohol are more likely to convince and to do  the same.
Many teenagers are being involved in vices because as they it is essential and if missed out, you never completed the stage of life. You can really experience the life that they are saying but vices cannot be included with this. You should never allow yourself to pursue the things that have nothing to do with the development of your life. Having vices can be really risky because it concerns more of your health. As a teenager, temptation can be a hard thing to refuse but come and take a look at those who has their vices, spending a lot of money just for the sake their guilty pleasure. If as early of your teenage life you’ve been involved with any kind of vices, you’ll be the one to suffer in the future. 

Talking about people who do not take considerations of others. Thinking about what those who have been too selfish and not knowing the value of what they can do for the betterment of everybody. That was the thing they called “selfishness.” Having peers can be essential but the characters should also be in the scene. If you don’t want to see yourself hanging yourself on the ground and seeing other people under you, hurting and forgetting what they can feel,  you are not worthy of anything because being selfish is worthless. Your personality can be a big thing to consider. You should never allow yourself to be in another persona just to say you have your group. At the end of the day it is all about yourself and how you can manage your life and to be in a decent manner.


Laziness is a thing that can never lead you to anything. It is one of the most senseless manners in the world. If don’t move for your future and you only think about of what pleasure you have right now, do you think you can able to manage your life with a certain direction? Of course, no! You should able to act as if you have plans for your future.  As a teenager you should able to have goals and aspects for you to have an inspiration to walk forward and reach for your dreams.

Don’t respect others

Above all if you want others to respect you, you should able to have the capabilities to respect others. Well, if you just can’t how you can expect that others will do a different thing to you. If you don’t have respect for others you can’t be able to have the trust that you needed just to have people who can consider leaning on you. Take note of the real meaning of peers. You don’t need to be a hypocrite that respect is not needed just because you have the same kind of people around you. Respect is needed because world is composed of human, the same kind and you are not exempted to refuse the sense of respect. 

Being materialistic

According to this article entitled Why teenagers are materialistic made by Elizabeth A. Marion, states that Teenagers considered as materialistic for the reason of their desires to fit in with their friends. Materialism in teenagers is an effect of peer pressure. Many teenagers feel the need for expensive things because their friends have them too.

If you have peers that are always in the trend, from the gadgets to the most trending clothes and any kind of stuffs, it is not impossible for you to be materialistic. Envying what they have is not right especially when you know you can’t afford that certain kind of stuffs. Being qualified in a group does not require you to have what they have. Being materialistic has nothing to do with your relationship with your peers unless it is you who have problem. You should always take considerations of who you are and not who you needed to be. If you have a group that understand every little thing in you well that was really a blessing to consider. But if you have the kind of peers who require you the things they have then simply get out. You don’t need that such kind of people.

Bad peers exist and it’s up to you whether you wanted them in your life. If you are wise you won’t give them the chance to influence you to be in the bad side. You are the only one who can decide. You hold your life; you are the one whose walking in the direction you wanted to be. You are the one who’s making a way.  If you pursue the things that can make your life better, you don’t have to consider the temptation of life. All you have to do is to ignore the things that will make your life a lot more complicated.


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