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         This paper attempted to determine the effects brought by peer pressure on teenagers in building personality.

         The research design used in this study is the descriptive research method wherein data gathered from previous study and survey/interview questionnaire were used to gather information for the research question proposed. The research findings are the following:

      1.    Peers can have a big influence on enhancing the good study habits of the teenagers as well as their personality to be more effective individual.
      2.    Leisure time is part of the routine of the teenagers and peers can motivate an individual to pursue a healthy living. Peers simply lead an individual to spend much of their enjoyment to more meaningful activities.
      3.    Positive changes to an individual are possible when teenagers chose the people who also have positive characteristics. Temptations can be avoided and instead of taking considerations only of their selves, an individual can learn how to respect others and be a practical human also with the influence of peers.
      4.    Bad peers can have a big impact with the involvement of the teenagers to such kind of vices.
      5.    The negative characteristics are the changes that seen with the teenagers also with the influence of their peers.


         Based on the findings of this study, the following conclusions are drawn:

      1.    It is really possible to the teenagers to be pressured by their peers and it has good and bad effects on their lives.
      2.    The bad effects of peers can be avoided if an individual know what he/she wants on his/her life and choose people who they will allow to enter their lives.


         After drawing the conclusions of the study, the researchers hereby make the following suggestions/recommendations:

      1.    In analyzing a peer pressure issue, it is better that one has an idea pertaining to the effects and changes that happen in the world of the teenagers so that this phenomena can be avoided by the teenagers.
      2.    Researchers must have enough sources to gather certain information that are needed to the study.


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