Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Don’t Let It Affect You, Be Brave!

Peer Pressure Statistics

Teenagers tend to have the eagerness to belong in such group they called “the cool group” wherein they think of having a group of people in the sense of their benefit of having the power to control somebody’s life and the way the group can influenced people because of their popularity and their power.

While surfing the net, I came across in this article made by Uttarra Manohar entitled Effects of Peer Pressure in the site called Buzzle. This article can open our eyes for the possible effects of the desires of an teenager to belong in what they call the “cool group”. The unconsciousness of the teenagers today are very rare. As long as they enjoy the group of people who they feel to be with, they tend to forget what are the right and the bad things to do as long as they are with the people who they feel belonged and respected as an individual. But come to think friends will not be always be there to grants us the brighter side of life. They can also push us to be in the dark side of life.

"Often you find teenaged children indulging in unprotected sex with multiple partners just because they think everyone is doing it and hence it is 'cool'. The parameters of good and bad have been replaced by 'what's in' and 'what's out'. Peer pressure is nothing but the incessant desire of the children to be perceived as 'happening' and 'cool' in order to belong to a particular group. Often at schools and colleges the students are always forming groups, and there is a lot of group politics and bullying than you can ever imagine." Uttarra said and she pointed out that by simple and effective parenting parents can be able to guide their children on dealing with peer pressure.

It is important for the teenagers to realize that life doesn’t required us to have people who will push us to do worst. We are required to find people who will take us to do better. Friends are there to be our sword and we should never consider them to influence us to do evil.

Life can give us the chance to try new things in life, but we should always consider to do the right thing. It is our quality as an individual and we should take that as a consideration for our future career in life. We should never have the outlook of having a bad record just because we choose to be with the people who take us to the wrong path. 

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