Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let Mentoring Be Our Knowledge

Most of us are not aware of the peer mentoring, but I think it is essential for teenagers. Mentoring can help the teenagers to avoid people who can bring them down. Who can take them to have such kind of vices.

While surfing the net, I came across in an article entitled The Benefits of Teen Mentoring in the site called Suite101. The article stated the importance of having the peer mentoring. It helps the teenagers to have the knowledge about the possible good effects of choosing their peers. The ones who can help them avoid vices and bad things that life can bring them if they do not think wisely.

The peer mentoring, I think can be a very big help for the teenagers most especially for those who are not aware of what possible life they can have with people they choose to influence them.

We should learn to take the chance to be mentored by professional people because they are the one who can possibly help and guide us to be a better individual. We can never loose something if we tried to take what they teach us. We should open our eyse and our ears to learn about the facts of life. We can be able to manage and deal with what they can do for us. 

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